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corporate social responsibility 

Eragin Fabrika wants to be an emblematic and exemplary company of the Basque Country in the beverage production sector.

It is a company with a strong identity, we are both proud of our origins and open to others, committed to the survival of our ancestral language, we are committed every day to a more sustainable world, ethical and solidarity.

Our company policy is based on a quality system that must remain a guarantee of a reliable organization and serve as a tool for continuous progress. Eragin Fabrika wishes to have a positive impact on society and the environment while preserving our sustainability and independence.

Our commitments are based on 4 pillars with simple and concrete objectives for all our employees. These objectives are monitored by indicators and action plans.


Our ambitions are shared by all and the participation of each and every one of us allows us to make our commitments a reality!

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